Seeking of differences in pictures.

Seeking of differences in pictures.

In this game you are facing two similar pictures. Your goal is to find all details in which these two differ. The counter will display number of remaining differences.

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The game consists of twenty-four squares divided by diagonals into four triangular fields. On these triangles are drawn in three different animals: lion, monkey and parrot. Note that from the 24 squares there are no two the same. On some of the squares you can see only lions, on others more monkeys or parrots. Diagonal lines represent solid iron bars which separate animals safely from each other, the edges of the squares are open, and your task is to organize all the squares next to each other to form a rectangular menagerie with the length of six and width of four squares. The squares must contain the same animals. To the triangle with a monkey on one square will fit a triangle with a monkey on the second square, to parrot a parrot, next to a lion you can fit again only a lion. You can make this task more difficult with this condition: All four sides must contain single species of animal in outer triangles.

So, do you dare?

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The challenge is to move the numbers so that a fewest number of moves organizes the numbers from one to fifteen, the one must be in the left square of the upper row. In each turn you move a number to the adjacent empty field, either from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, or bottom to top, not diagonally. The last box remains empty at the end of the game.

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Castle Bojnice

Castle Bojnice

Shops nowadays are crowded with cheap toys so can it be a challenge to find a creative suitable gift at an affordable price for your children and grandchildren. SUBAKO Publishing prepared a wonderful model of our most beautiful castle, located in Bojnice.

This three-dimensional carton of Bojnice Castle in scale 1:300 develops fine motor skills, logical thinking, patience and supports manual dexterity. It is suitable not only for teens but also for the older generation who remember the models of the ABC magazine and have a esire to reminisce about old times. The model comes with a detailed and transparent instructions in English, German and Hungarian. The instructions for beginners are about working with paper, cutting, folding, gluing ......

You can order your model for €9 ( including postage) by email on We hope your children and you will have lot of fun building the model together.

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